Join other young adults on pilgrimage

Young adults face unique challenges in the world today. Questions about vocation, jobs, finances, and future plans are constantly at the forefront, especially in our increasingly mobile and globalized society. Our Young Adult Pilgrimages offer a chance to connect with other young adults and seek the path to Christ together. If you are searching for something more, looking for time away, or simply want to meet some amazing people, then come join us on our pilgrimages designed specifically for young adults.

Seek the Path with Other Young Adults

Thanks, Captain Obvious, but it's true. The best part about a Young Adult Pilgrimage is traveling with other young adults. Discover a supportive community that will travel, eat, pray, sleep, and most importantly, seek God together.


Encounter Unique Pilgrimage Sites

Many of our Young Adult Pilgrimages travel to rigorous pilgrimage destinations or include an active, outdoor component. Some pilgrimages include days of backpacking or hiking (Camino, coming soon), while others might tackle seaside cliffs (Hawai'i) or white-water rafting (Chimayo, coming soon). Be sure to check the details of the pilgrimage you're interested in.

Take Time for Prayer

Allow yourself to create time and space for prayer and reflection on the pilgrimage. Each Young Adult Pilgrimage will include prayer, reflection, and discussions about issues pertinent to young adults - questions about discernment, career, relationships, and more. Use this unique chance to reflect on your life and listen for the direction God might be inviting you into.

Share Your Story and Renew Your Community

After the pilgrimage, return home to share your story of transformation and growth. Discover new ways that you can serve your local church and community, in order to transform the world for Christ.

Upcoming Young Adult Pilgrimages

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