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Here's what to expect from a Verso Ministries pilgrimage:


Preparation and Follow-up Materials

A pilgrimage is an intentional journey to encounter sacred sites and stories. Before leaving, we will send you custom-designed preparation materials that will introduce you to the sites and stories you will find along the way. In addition, we help you to prayerfully prepare for the journey with prayer resources that are rooted in Sacred Scripture and relate to your particular pilgrimage destination.

Upon your return, you will also receive follow-up materials which will assist you in unpacking your pilgrimage experience and will give you the tools to share your story of pilgrimage.


A Contemplative Pace

There are those that travel to conquer, and those that travel to listen. While some people may travel to see every possible site of significance in the limited time available and in the most efficient manner possible, our pilgrimages are designed to dive deeper at the most meaningful sites. Each pilgrimage is curated to maximize your ability to soak in and engage each site, giving you time to pray and listen for God's voice in each unique location.

A Dedicated Pilgrimage Guide

Each pilgrimage is accompanied by a dedicated pilgrimage guide who acts as a spiritual director. Our pilgrimage guides are theologically and pastorally trained to offer prayerful, spiritual experiences of pilgrimage, and they will accompany you from start-to-finish. Our guides lead optional communal prayer and reflection sessions throughout each pilgrimage, and they introduce you to the sacred sites and stories you encounter along your journey. Additionally, all logistical and administrative responsibilities are also handled by your pilgrimage guide.

Finally, our pilgrimage guides are occasionally supplemented by local, tour guides who may join a pilgrimage to offer specific expertise at a particular historical or religious site.



In the earliest forms of pilgrimage, pilgrims left their home with little more than the clothes on their back. While modern pilgrims might leave a little more prepared that that, a spirit of simplicity and sacrifice remains at the heart of a pilgrimage experience.

Typically, you will stay at religious guesthouses and support local religious communities. Accommodations are simple, yet clean, safe, and comfortable. Most pilgrimages utilize public transportation as much as possible, and will also include a fair share of walking.

"Verso L'Alto"

At Verso Ministries, we orient everything towards God. Our greatest hope is to seek, encounter, and share God so that we might be able to offer the same to those who pilgrim with us.

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