John Paul Lichon

John Paul spent 10 years in parish and college ministry before taking the dive to start Verso Ministries. He's always had an entrepreneurial inkling, as he's always sought new and dynamic ways to spread the Gospel. He is passionate about the practice of pilgrimage and the ways in which a pilgrim's heart and mind can be transformed by an encounter with God on a pilgrimage. He resides in South Bend, Indiana, with his wife and two children.

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Joshua Schaffner


Josh came to Verso Ministries after ten years in pastoral ministry. In the parish setting he did everything from youth ministry and directing a choir, to RCIA and adult small groups.  Pilgrimages are a unique blend of ministry and airports, which Josh is a huge fan of (yes, weird). Josh has his Masters degree in Theology from the University of Notre Dame. His wife, Katie, is a math teacher at a Catholic high school, and they have two young boys.

Carol Headshot.jpg

Carol Conaghan
Pilgrimage Specialist

Carol first discovered the beauty of pilgrimage during her visit in 2005 to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany. Ever since she has enjoyed the process of creating pilgrimages for others and experiencing pilgrimage as part of her own spiritual journey. She serves Verso Ministries by developing content for pilgrim reflection and carrying out administration for pilgrimages. Carol and her husband currently live in Ohio.