Engage mission and renew purpose

Why only talk about mission in a classroom or a board meeting when you can experience your organization's mission and history first-hand? Truly enflesh the mission and history of your church, school, or organization by visiting your roots, learning the stories of your organization's founding and the people who have shaped your community throughout its history. Invite your students, parishioners, alumni, board members, parents, or other benefactors into your story - into your organization's' mission - so that they can discover their own ways to contribute to that vision into the future. 

Group Pilgrimage Benefits:


Build Community While Seeking the Path Together 

Building community is central to the pilgrimage experience. Pilgrims inevitably form and deepen friendships while experiencing the pilgrimage together. Through shared travel, prayer, discussion, meals, and everything in between, a community strengthens its bonds and deepens its commitment to one another.

Additionally, a pilgrimage can be a ministry of evangelization. Reach new or unengaged members of your community through inviting them to join your upcoming pilgrimage.


Encounter Your Organization's Mission

A group pilgrimage can visit particular sites which have unique meaning to the organization's mission and history. Visit the shrine of your school's founder, pray at the tomb of a patron saint, or serve at an international mission within your religious order's apostolate. First-hand experiences of these meaningful and holy sites allows your unique mission to come alive in tangible ways.


Form Disciples to Share in Your Story

In turn, invite your pilgrims to discover their own story and role within your mission. Leverage their experience to form disciples which will further develop and enrich the mission of your organization, and in turn, will contribute towards transforming the world for Christ.

A pilgrimage is a formative experience which can deepen an individual's relationship with God. Time and space within the pilgrimage allows your pilgrims to pray and reflect on their own spiritual journey. Preparation beforehand and reflection afterwards allows each pilgrim the chance to discover God's particular invitation for them.


Transformation begins now

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